Our collection of nautical instruments, the must-have tools for sailors, navigators, and maritime professionals are the key to precise navigation, accurate measurement, and more, out at sea. With a rich history deeply intertwined with maritime exploration, they continue to provide essential information such as position, depth, wind, and temperature. Trust in the right tools to ensure safe and accurate navigation at sea.

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  1. Hygrometer Dry/Wet -5/+50C

    Price: DKK 375.34
    In stock (5 pcs.)
  2. Hydrometer Draft Survey +NAMAS

    Price: DKK 2,566.40
    In stock (2 pcs.)
  3. Bacharach Svingpsykrometer

    Price: DKK 993.75
    In stock (3 pcs.)
  4. Barigo Ship Thermometer 1489MS

    Price: DKK 2,880.85
    Extended delivery
  5. Barografskala, ICW, mb

    Price: DKK 129.00
    In stock (10+ pcs.)
  6. Barigo Ships Clock 611CR

    Price: DKK 1,115.18
    Extended delivery
  7. Barigo Barometer 1485MS

    Price: DKK 3,113.18
    Extended delivery
  8. Barigo Barometer 1613CR

    Price: DKK 3,782.29
    Extended delivery
  9. 6" BARIGO barometer 1613MS

    Price: DKK 3,010.96
    Out of stock
  10. Barigo Baro/Thermometer 612MS

    Price: DKK 2,444.08
    In stock (1 pc.)
  11. Barigo Ships Barometer 111MS

    Price: DKK 1,124.46
    In stock (1 pc.)
  12. 4" Barigo Barometer 613MS

    Price: DKK 2,072.35
    In stock (1 pc.)
  13. Battery 24V to signal lamp

    Price: DKK 2,923.60
    Extended delivery
  14. Light bulb, 24v/60w for signal lamp

    Price: DKK 595.39
    In stock (8 pcs.)
  15. Pear 12V/60W f.Signal lamp

    Price: DKK 275.00
    In stock (3 pcs.)
  16. Daysignallamp without 24 volt bulb

    Price: DKK 9,434.56
    In stock (1 pc.)
  17. Megafon TOA ER-1215S

    Price: DKK 1,281.25
    In stock (5 pcs.)
  18. SEIKO Slave Clock MC-008 CR

    Price: DKK 15,575.19
    Extended delivery
  19. 6" Barigo - Barometer 585MS

    Price: DKK 3,029.54
    Extended delivery
  20. 6" Barigo ur Q R/G (1650MSFS)

    Price: DKK 3,540.66
    Extended delivery