Steiner 7x50 Navigator Compas

Product number 02740401
Price DKK 4,849.00
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Price: DKK 4,849.00

Navigator Compas

With a 50mm objective diameter and 7x magnification this binocular provides a calm view even in rough seas and guarantees a bright image with excellent contrasts and sharpness of detail even in the darkness. In addition to the excellent image quality, this binocular offers a large analogue and fluid-damped compass, which can be illuminated and make it easier to determine the direction at sea. A new design for Steiner Navigator: On the new binoculars, we find a larger and improved grip. With the new grip it is easier to handle the binocular with one hand, even in rough seas. This ensures safe navigation even under the most difficult conditions. In addition to a firm grip, the new, wave-like rubber armoring texture also offers the special ability to repel water to ensure non-slip and safe handling, especially in heavy rain. Another new feature is the improved field of view. The extended field of view makes it easier for users to navigate safely when entering a harbour or similar narrow environments such as when crossing bridges or sailing in narrow archipelagos Like the previous model, the new Navigator series offers two models with the popular analogue integrated compass. A compass helps you to take out the bearing quickly and facilitates communication on the boat. This compass is liquid-damped, absorbs large shocks on deck and is also the most precise in its class. A new feature on the compass is the place of the light button. This adjustment allows the user to hold the binoculars with only one hand and simultaneously activate the compass illumination.