Our collection of nautical instruments, the must-have tools for sailors, navigators, and maritime professionals are the key to precise navigation, accurate measurement, and more, out at sea. With a rich history deeply intertwined with maritime exploration, they continue to provide essential information such as position, depth, wind, and temperature. Trust in the right tools to ensure safe and accurate navigation at sea.

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  1. Deviationstabel & -kurve

    Price: DKK 125.19
    In stock (10+ pcs.)
  2. Steiner 7x50 Navigator

    Price: DKK 4,049.00
    In stock (8 pcs.)
  3. Vandtermometer

    Price: DKK 61.25
    In stock (2 pcs.)
  4. C&P IOTA/1 Compass MED Type A.

    Price: DKK 6,969.81
    Extended delivery
  5. Focus Sport Optics Focus Marine 7x50 Compass

    Price: DKK 1,549.00
    In stock (8 pcs.)
  6. 5'' Barigo Barometer 613.7MS

    Price: DKK 2,648.53
    In stock (1 pc.)
  7. Barigo Ships Clock 2350MS

    Price: DKK 2,323.28
    Extended delivery
  8. Focus Sport Optics Bright 7x50

    Price: DKK 399.00
    In stock (1 pc.)
  9. Thermometer, indoor, 20 cm

    Price: DKK 25.00
    In stock (10+ pcs.)
  10. Hydrometer, Draft Survey

    Price: DKK 725.40
    In stock (10+ pcs.)
  11. Sekstant Astra IIIB

    Price: DKK 8,427.65
    In stock (2 pcs.)
  12. Focus Sport Optics Focus Sailor III 7x50 WP

    Price: DKK 1,087.75
    Extended delivery
  13. L&G Compass "SR4"

    Price: DKK 18,135.15
    Extended delivery
  14. Hydrometer Load Line metal

    Price: DKK 3,681.99
    In stock (10+ pcs.)
  15. Watch key

    Price: DKK 40.00
    In stock (10+ pcs.)
  16. 24v Oplader 3 Pin

    Price: DKK 1,707.45
    Extended delivery
  17. Steiner Commander 7x50 + Kom

    Price: DKK 11,196.00
    Extended delivery
  18. Energizer Hardcase Spotlight

    Price: DKK 799.00
    Extended delivery
  19. Okularring Steiner Marine 7x50

    Price: DKK 168.75
    Extended delivery
  20. Disposable pen for Barograph

    Price: DKK 137.54
    In stock (10 pcs.)