From Paper Charts to ECDIS

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Udgave 2
Udgivelse januar 2013
Forfatter Captain Harry Gale FNI
ISBN 9781906915179
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Pris: 586,48 kr.

NIS From Paper Charts to ECDIS

From Paper Charts to ECDIS - A practical voyage plan. When the first edition of this book was published in 2009,the mandatory carriage of ECDIS had been agreed at IMO but implementation seemed a long way off. On 1 July 2012 a comprehensive rolling phase-in schedule began and this second edition recognizes that practical guidance on equipment, training and operational practices is now needed urgently. Everything you need to understand in order to manage this fundamental change from navigating by paper charts to navigating by ECDIS is covered. This theoretical knowledge is made real through contributions from the sea-going members of The Nautical Institute who have been using electronic charts for some time. Unsurprisingly, many of these contributions relate to training. Best practice is encapsulated in the industry recommendations for ECDIS training and familiarization (including a familiarization checklist), drawn up by a group coordinated by the Institute, which are included as appendices. Tilgængelig både som fysisk bog og E-Bog. Ved køb af en E-Bog gives der adgang til vores gratis applikation, SeaReader, som udelukkende er kompatibel med Windows. Få mere information om E-Bøger på vores side om SeaReader: