Código IMDG Suplemento 2022 (Only E-Book)

Varenummer IMO210M-ES
Pris 940,58 kr.
Pris ekskl. moms 752,46 kr.
Udgave 13
Udgivelse januar 2023
Ny udgave forventes januar 2025
Forfatter IMO
ISBN 9789280131963
Sprog Spansk
Pris: 940,58 kr.

Código IMDG Suplemento 2022

SeaReader eBook: Código IMDG Suplemento Código Marítimo Internacional De Mercancías Peligrosas Edición 2022 (IMDG Code Supplement, 2022 Edition Spanish Language) The International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code) lays outthe regulatory framework for all aspects of handling dangerous goods and marine pollutants in sea transport, but does not include all details of procedures for packing of dangerous goods or actions to take in the event of an emergency or accident involving personnel who handle goods at sea. This Supplement presents the publications associated with the IMDG Code that cover these aspects of the transport of dangerous goods. The 2022 edition of the Supplement features: the Revised Emergency Response Procedures for Ships CarryingDangerous Goods (EmS Guide), taking into account Amendment 41-22 to the IMDG Code; the Medical First Aid Guide for Usein Accidents involving Dangerous Goods (MFAG); the Reporting procedures; the Recommendations on the safe use of pesticides in ships; the International Code for the Safe Carriage of Packaged Irradiated Nuclear Fuel, Plutonium and High-Level Radioactive Wastes on board Ships (INF Code); and otherappropriate resolutions and circulars pertaining to the transport of dangerous goods, including *Guidelines for the implementation of the inspection programmes for cargo transportunits* (MSC.1/Circ.1649) and the *List of non-exhaustive voluntary guidance on pest contamination* (MSC.1/Circ.1650). The IMDG Code Supplement should be of interest to maritime administrations, shipping companies, manufacturers, packers, shippers, feeder services such as road and rail, and port authorities. Available as digital E-Book via our free Windows-compatible software, SeaReader. More information on E-Books is on our SeaReader page: weilbach.com/weilbach/news-info/seareader-for-web-customers/