Steiner Commander 7x50 + Kom

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Price: DKK 11,196.00

Steiner Commander

Disturbing stray light is minimized and contours are always sharp and clear, even in the worst weather and under poor lighting conditions, e.g. at dusk or backlight. Steiner's unique Diamond Marine anti-reflective treatment contains fluoride for highest light transmission, clarity and contrast to give a perfect image. The large field of view (145 m at 1000 m) makes it easy to find what you are looking for and with the Steiner "Sport-Auto-Focus-system" you always get a sharp image from 20 - 8 m without having to refocus. The binoculars deliver a brilliant 3D image with natural colours. The Commander 7x50 has a stable compass that guarantees fast, accurate and reliable bearings. The compass needle is stable thanks to sophisticated liquid damping and the bearing is mirrored in the field of view. By navigation in the dark, you press down on the compass's illumination button to read the scale without having to take your binoculars off. The battery compartment is easily opened by turning without the use of tools, so the battery can be changed anywhere, anytime. The integrated scale provides accurate size and distance after calculation. An invaluable tool for calculating the distance to an object.