Certificate of Yachting Competence

A Yachting Competence Certificate is a basic education in sailing that provides you with the necessary skills to maneuver a sailboat or motorboat safely. The course is suitable for beginners or those with limited experience in sailing and is a good starting point to build fundamental knowledge and skills in sailing - both practical and theoretical.

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  1. Linex Protractor 2800M (without handle)

    Linex Protractor 2800M (without handle)

    Price: DKK 86.63
    In stock (10+ pcs.)
  2. Linex Classic Pencil

    Price: DKK 10.00
    In stock (10+ pcs.)
  3. Linex Lead divider type 16, 14 cm

    Price: DKK 35.00
    Extended delivery
  4. Nautical Chart 1331 Nuuk / Godthåb (Educational)

    Price: DKK 295.00
    In stock (10+ pcs.)
  5. Duelighedsbogen - lærebog i navigation, søsikkerhed og sejlads


    Prices from: DKK 281.25
  6. De internationale søvejsregler

    De internationale søvejsregler

    Prices from: DKK 239.69
  7. Afmærkning af danske farvande (IALA)

    Afmærkning af danske farvande (IALA)

    Prices from: DKK 58.19
  8. Linex 2802 Nautical Protractor 130 x 130 mm

    Nautical Protractor, 130 x 130 mm

    Price: DKK 59.00
    In stock (10+ pcs.)
  9. Linex Ruler 433, 30 cm

    Linex Ruler 433, 30 cm

    Price: DKK 40.00
    In stock (1 pc.)
  10. Linex Ruler, 40 cm

    Price: DKK 33.00
    In stock (10+ pcs.)
  11. Linex Ruler, 30 cm

    Price: DKK 25.00
    In stock (10+ pcs.)
  12. Nautical GPS Wheel

    Nautical GPS Wheel

    Price: DKK 109.69
    In stock (2 pcs.)
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