On Board Training Engine Cadets - ISF

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Edition 3
Release January 2013
Author International Chamber Shipping
ISBN 9781913997199
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On Board Training Record Book for Officers in Charge of an Engineering Watch (Engine Cadets)

The IMO STCW Convention requires that a cadet's seagoing service must be recorded in a training record book approved by the maritime administration responsible for issuing certificates of competence. To help employers ensure compliance, ICS has updated its widely used On Board Training Record Book for Engine Cadets (Trainee Officer), to take account of the amended competence requirements in STCW 2010, which entered into force in January 2012. The revised Record Book takes full account of the new competence standards stipulated by STCW 2010, such as the application of leadership and team working skills and proactive measures to protect the marine environment. The training tasks included have been developed to ensure that cadets make the best use of their seagoing service, and to help supervising officers make an objective evaluation of whether cadets are competent. The Record Book can be used by trainees in order to provide documentary evidence to government appointed assessors of having completed a properly structured on board training programmed in accordance with STCW 2010. The Record Book: Significantly revised to take full account of the new STCW 2010 competence standards. Structured tasks to meet official STCW assessment requirements. Additional tasks concerning safety at work. Examples of written projects cadet scan undertake as part of their training.