The International Chamber of Shipping is the international trade association for merchant shipowners and operators.

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  1. ICS Tanker Safety Guide (Liquefied Gas)

    Prices from: DKK 5,163.84
  2. ICS Tanker Safety Chemical 5th

    Prices from: DKK 4,944.10
  3. ICS Ship/Shore Safety Checklist for Loading or Unloading Dry Bulk

    Prices from: DKK 164.80
  4. ICS Ship Recycling Guide

    Prices from: DKK 1,428.30
  5. Safe Transport of Containers by Sea

    Prices from: DKK 824.01
  6. ICS Guidance for the Preparation and Implementation of Garbage Management Plans

    Prices from: DKK 824.01
  7. ICS Guidelines on the Application of the IMO International Safety Management (ISM) Code

    Prices from: DKK 1,593.10
  8. ICS Guide to Helicopter/Ship Operations

    Prices from: DKK 1,757.90
  9. ICS Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit for Shipping

    Prices from: DKK 1,538.16
  10. ICS Bridge Procedures Guide 6th

    Prices from: DKK 1,757.90
  11. Protectionism in Maritime Economies Study Full Report (Only Digital)

    Price: DKK 3,955.28
    In stock (10+ pcs.)
  12. ICS Train. Rec.Book Ship Cooks

    Price: DKK 384.54
    Extended delivery
  13. ICS/ISF Personal Training & S.

    Price: DKK 164.80
    In stock (2 pcs.)
  14. ICS On Board Tra.Engine Cadets

    Price: DKK 384.54
    In stock (1 pc.)
  15. ISGOTT 6th Ed

    Price: DKK 4,614.49
    In stock (6 pcs.)
  16. ICS Maritime Security 1st

    Price: DKK 1,977.64
    In stock (4 pcs.)
  17. Cyber Security Workbook for On Board Ship Use

    Price: DKK 3,021.39
    In stock (1 pc.)