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Edition 10
Release August 2021
Author Jørn Duffy Villumsen, Jørgen Raben
ISBN 9788777903311
Pages 180
Language Danish

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Price: DKK 281.25

Duelighedsbogen - lærebog i navigation, søsikkerhed og sejlads

Duelighedsbogen (in Danish) by the authors Jørn Duffy Villumsen and Jørgen Raben is used for yachting competence courses. The book contains the entire syllabus for the course and is aimed at anyone who wants to learn the basic principles within navigation, rules of the sea, fire fighting, maritime safety, seamanship, a.o. Available as hardcopy or digital E-Book via our free Windows-compatible software, SeaReader. More information on E-Books is on our SeaReader page: weilbach.com/weilbach/news-info/seareader-for-web-customers/