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ENC Tile server

A new way to access ENCs
Digital charts have traditionally needed specialized software or hardware in order to view them. ENC Tile Server allows you to quickly integrate Electronic Chart System (ECS) functionality into your web applications, allowing you to view digital charts.

Our development team took the time to write the software from the ground up, to make sure it works in a web-friendly way.
ENC Tile Server runs on Windows or Linux infrastructure and can be deployed in the cloud, on premise, or on vessels in the field for total versatility.

  • Turn-key solution for ENC chart display in web applications
  • Increases situational awareness and usability for back-of-bridge and back-office applications
  • Pick report API allows inspecting ENC features at a particular position
  • Supports ENC, IENC, and other nautical chart formats
  • Supports all major client-side mapping frameworks (Leaflet, OpenLayers etc)
  • Supports Web Mercator and True Mercator projections

More information
Contact us to discuss how ENC Tile Server can help you.

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