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One device, one dashboard, one system
CargoMate is the worlds first and only system that enables shipping companies to monitor cargo operations online in real-time, creating opportunities for vessels to sail early. 

It does this by using unique algorithms based on gantry productivity and forecasting how long cargo operations will take to complete, automatically notifying Fleet Managers and other third-party stakeholders of the earliest potential departure time.

By monitoring cargo operations and notifying key stakeholders of the earliest estimated time of departure, waiting times are significantly shortened – resulting in reduced fuel consumption and fewer environmental emissions.

CargoMate is intuitive and easy to use - whether you’re on board or ashore, monitoring a port call has never been easier.

Key features

  • Allows you to take control of every  port call to keep vessels on schedule
  • Works in every port across the world
  • Contactless installation on board – just plug and play!
  • Easy to use - no crew training required
  • Optimization of every port call to reduce fuel consumption and emissions
  • Download Terminal Performance reports for fleet managers
  • Cybersecurity – does not interfere with existing devices on board
  • Requires no integration from the port or terminal
  • Shore-based teams have complete visibility of every event on board and gantry move
  • Mobile device for use on board communicates seamlessly with dashboard on-shore

Reduced fuel costs and lower emissions

The easiest way to reduce fuel consumption and emissions is to sail slower. By reducing idle time in port, ships gain more time on voyage, reducing the speed required for the sea passage. Using real-time estimations and advanced notifications, CargoMate provides insight to get ships sailing sooner, keeping them on schedule and reducing idle time in port.

Ensuring sustainability

To ensure sustainability for the shipping industry, reducing fuel consumption is vital.
Reducing a ships speed by just 20% would help to
  • Cut ship emissions by up to 34%
  • Cut underwater noise pollution by 66%
CargoMate can monitor cargo completion times to reduce time in port, keeping the vessel on schedule to sail at a reduced speed.

CargoMate example

A fleet of five vessels sailing on one route over a period of two months used an additional 111.2 tons of fuel. If the vessels had been able to reduce their speeds between ports, they could have seen a significant reduction in fuel.

The excess fuel caused the five vessels to:

  • Use additional fuel costing U$38,000
  • Create 383 tons of unnecessary CO2

The CargoMate system

The system comprises of a mobile device for the vessel and a dashboard for use by ship operators to monitor cargo operations in real-time. Both work seamlessly together and communicate by the mobile device connecting to it’s local cell carrier and then to the dashboard via the cloud.

How it works

From the moment crew log that the gangway is rigged and checked, to the minute cargo operations are complete, every detail of the vessels’ port call is synced from the device on board to an online dashboard, giving shore-based teams complete visibility of every port call, for every vessel in a fleet.

The mobile device tracks the number of container moves remaining during loading and discharging to accurately predict if port operations are early, on time or delayed - regardless of where your vessels are in the world.

The mobile device is always up-to-date, transmitting real-time port activities to the desktop dashboard. The status of gantries, hatch covers, gearboxes and special cargo such as Dangerous Goods and Out-Of-Gauge cargoes are all displayed on the mobile device.

Real-time port activity
Shore-based teams can view real-time port activity as it happens using the dashboard, available on laptop, PC or tablet. Notifications of the estimated time of cargo completion enables just-in-time planning of all port services and planning to the next port, reducing administration time on board and ashore.

Berth performance
CargoMate is the only system in the world that neutrally records berth performance. The same TPFREP report in the same format and as a CSV file is automatically generated, so you can compare reported performance against observed performance.

Book a CargoMate workshop

We are confident that we can help you lower your container vessel carbon footprint. To help you to this, contact us to book a tailor-made workshop to see CargoMate in action and the results it can deliver.

A partnership

CargoMate is developed by Intelligent Cargo Systems, a maritime technology company specializing in the container industry.

More information

Contact us to find out how CargoMate can optimize your port calls and reduce your fuel consumption.

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