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If you specify the delivery country before you start shopping, all prices will be displayed in the correct currency and with proper VAT. Transport costs will be added when you add articles to Cart. If the delivery address is outside the EU, no VAT will be added. If the delivery address is within the EU, the currency and VAT is locked to the delivery country.

Nautical Charts

Weilbach has a large stock of official nautical charts with global coverage, yachting charts and inland waterway charts for both commercial shipping and yachting.


Introducing the WENDIS family

WENDIS is a family of digital products to enhance the administration of data on board and to ensure that you are always up to date.

Click here to discover the range.


Maritime Books

Check out Weilbach's titles - Container Vessel Stowage Planning has just been published and is the first textbook on the topic - we hope you'll like it!


Terms and Conditions

Here you can find practical information such as terms and conditions, Click & Collect, delivery, claims etc.


Weilbach bids farewell to its original name

Over the past decade, Weilbach has been transitioning from its logistics and paper-products business to a maritime software company and, following a series of acquisitions of software companies, the company is ready for even higher aspirations. So changing its name is a natural part of this process.


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