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  • ADMIRALTY e-Nautical Publications (e-NP) are digital versions of Admiralty paper Nautical Publications (NP). They are e-Books but differ in the fact that they are updated and sold as a data service on subscription rather than per edition. e-NPs are encrypted PDF versions of their paper equivalent; they look identical. This is essential in order to demonstrate that Notices to Mariners (NM) corrections have been made and the publication is compliant.

    e-NPs are produced using official data and are designed to meet SOLAS requirements.


    The weekly updates for e-NPs are very small, approximately 0.5Mb for all publications.You may download the latest updates at any time if you have an internet connection or Weilbach can send the updates via email, DVD or USB. Please contact for assistance.


    Automatic updating ensures all corrections are applied and recorded. There is a correction log and a search function enables mariners to demonstrate update status. A printable certificate can confirm the status of each eNP.

    All publications held on a DVD and can be unlocked at sea. The e-NPs are considerably larger than the weekly update and we recommend that you receive new editions using cheaper shore based communication or receive them via email, DVD or USB.

    Each vessel can install three devices on independent PC’s under each licence. For additional copies more licenses should be purchased.

    The pricing is an annual subscription for an e-NP with the ability to download and install the latest amendments and editions of the NPs.

    The ADMIRALTY e-NPs will be displayed within the ADMIRALTY e-Reader. Press here to download the ADMIRALTY e-Reader. .

    Publications which are already available in ADP (Tide Tables, Lights List and List of Radio Signals vol. 2 and 6) will not be available as an e-NP.

  • System Requirements

    In the initial release only Windows XP, 7 and 8 will be supported but future releases will allow the e-NP’s to be viewed on other systems such as Android.

  • How to order

    When you order an eNP through Weilbach Website, you will receive a DVD with the eReader software, all availble eNP files and an a “how to install” guide.

    When the program is installed, you need to contact Weilbach at and we will process the registration and issue the unlock key for the eNP files/books you have purchased.


eNP Almanac and Celestial Tables

All the tables and almanac you need for celestrial navigation as e-book in eNP-format


eNP Navigation

eBooks about the practical use of ENC, ECDIS, IALA, how to update your charts and much more.


eNP Admiralty Notice to Mariners (NtM)

The annual summaries of all P and T notices together with amendments to the Sailing Directions (Pilots) and still in force.


eNP Sailing Directions (Pilots)

Sailing Directions from UKHO as eBooks in eNP format. Sailing Directions or Pilots are valuable extra information for port entry and coastal navigation.


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