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With over 250 years in the maritime business, Weilbach has great experience with handling of charts, instruments, publications and data for the fleet. We have lived through many transitions and have become experts in adjusting our services and products to the constantly changing technology around us.


The aim of WENDIS is to make workflows on board simpler, reduce mistakes and decrease human error.
It is a necessity to have a fully updated library with the mandatory books, charts and data on the vessel. WENDIS gives you that in an easy to use digital format. And so much more.


There is no obstacle or challenge that we haven’t dealt with through the years. This is why we consider ourselves experts with the experience and motivation to develop our own software.


Highly-advanced digital products operate best when teamed with solid and reliable technical support. Weilbach provides technical support 24/7 to ensure you feel 100% safe on board at all times.


Due to our loyal suppliers and fantastic cooperations with international hydrographic offices we can deliver products of high quality and premium service customised for your needs.

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