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Introducing the WENDIS family

  • About WENDIS

    WENDIS is a family of digital products to enhance the administration of data on board and to ensure that you are always up to date. Each digital product works independently of each other, so you can pick the product you like without committing to all of them. Whatever you need to manage your fleet or ship, we have the solution.



    Q. What does WENDIS mean?

    A. It stands for Weilbach Nautical Digitised Information System.

    Q. Is WENDIS one product?

    A. No, it is a family of product, made up of 5 digital products.

     Do l have to purchase all of the products?

    A. No, each digital product works independently of the others.

     What does each product do?

    A. Click on the products to the right for more information.


  • The WENDIS family of digital products

    Viewer is an advanced marine navigation system used for voyage planning, optimization and monitoring. 


    Weather provides a full weather service, including tropical storm and ice conditions.


    PAYS is a Pay As You Sail system that allows access to a full set of charts for viewing and planning. The vessel is charged for the ENC cells it navigates through. 

    Planner is the mariner’s one single portal for all Weilbach services.


    SeaReader provides a full technical library for use on board and ensures compliance with flagstate regulations.

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