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If you specify the delivery country before you start shopping, all prices will be displayed in the correct currency and with proper VAT. Transport costs will be added when you add articles to Cart. If the delivery address is outside the EU, no VAT will be added. If the delivery address is within the EU, the currency and VAT is locked to the delivery country.


It is important that our customers can navigate the seas and their software safely. We achieve this by providing 24/7 worldwide services and support.

Whatever way you prefer to access support, we have the help you need.

There are several ways you can contact us for 24/7 service and support:

  • Our website gives you access and information about most of our products.
  • The log-in function gives you access to relevant information about your Weilbach account at any time.
  • Our Remote Support service using Team Viewer gives our support team access to your screen to problem-solve with you.
  • You can download files and updates from our Dropbox and FTP-Server around the clock.
  • You can email where our 24/7 support team reply quickly to inquiries, at least within 48 hours.
  • Our offices in Denmark, Egypt, Singapore and Canada ensure 24/7 office hours. If you call our support line on +45 33 34 35 60 your call will be directed to the office operating at that time.

Access remote support

Let our support team help you - anywhere anytime.
  1. Download the program by clicking the Team Viewer button below.
  2. Run/open the file and a Team Viewer window will appear on your screen.
  3. In this window you will find an ID and a password which you give to the person helping you.
  4. Now our support has access to your screen and can help you finding and solving whatever problem you may have.
  5. Upon completion TeamViewer will automatically be deleted from your PC.

Use our download service

Download files and the latest updates, eBooks and software from Weilbach ftp-server or Weilbach Dropbox.

Download files from ftp-server
Go to Weilbach ftp-server to download.
Username:   public
Password:    public123

Please note that the Weilbach ftp-server is optimized to Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Book Extras
A number of Weilbach books give you access to digital extras.
Go to Weilbach Book Extras to download.

Please note that Weilbach Book Extras is optimized to Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Contact information

Call us: 24/7 Phone  +45 33 34 35 60


Regional Offices

As well as our 24/7 support number, you can also call our regional offices direct.

Asia - Singapore
Phone +65 6273 0833

Americas – Vancouver, Canada                 
Phone +1 604 563 1100

Europe – Lyngby, Denmark
Phone +45 3334 3560

Middle East – Port Said, Egypt
Phone +20 66 333 0784 ext. 132

Middle East – Alexandria, Egypt
Phone +20 66 333 0784 ext. 132

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