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New digital log books from Weilbach ensure ship owners reduced costs and increased legibility

Until now, traditional paper log books have been the only way of meeting legal requirements for documentation on board. Since 1 October, it has been possible for ship owners to replace the paper log books with a digital solution.

“A digital log book offers ship owners a way of managing the information prescribed by law in a more consistent way. The software system supports seafarers and ensures that they only register relevant information. This way, ship owners avoid handwriting errors and can make sure that the information is consistent,” explains Martin Mikkelsen, Director of Business Development, Weilbach.

The digital log book system by Weilbach is called WENDIS OneLog and is the latest product in the company’s portfolio that is digitalized and put on the market. Over the years, Weilbach has transformed a wide range of products from paper to digital onboard software e.g. nautical charts.

Tested by Danish ship owners
The new log book system has been tested in cooperation with Danish ship owners that have been running it onboard parallel to traditional paper log books.

“We are experiencing a lot of interest and high demand from the market that is looking for digitalized solutions to replace traditional systems onboard. Also, there is some doubt in parts of the market about the digital solutions because it is unknown territory and it is a new way of working. By testing and developing together with ship owners, we are able to show that the software for replacing paper log books is ready,” says Martin Mikkelsen.

Save time and money
Apart from ensuring that the information provided in the log books is relevant and legible, the software also enables ship owners to cut costs.

“All communication onboard is available online for the seafarers onboard and for the office ashore. This means that administrative tasks e.g. invoicing can be done without communicating with the ship. Also, vessels do not have to spend time and money sending log books to vessels with a courier,” says Martin Mikkelsen.

The OneLog software solution provides ship owners with a full overview on every vessel and closely replicates paper log books making it easy to use for seafarers.

About WENDIS OneLog:

  • OneLog has been designed to replicate paper log books as much as possible, so users are familiar with it quickly.
  • The details of the vessel don’t need to be entered in every log book in OneLog. You just add the vessel details once and OneLog will share the details with the log books in the system. 
  • For audit purposes, all data put into OneLog is saved in the history, even if the data is deleted.
  • There are no errors due to bad handwriting as there is no handwriting.
  • Secure role-based access maintains procedures on board.

About Weilbach A/S 

Martin Mikkelsen, Director Business Development, Weilbach A/S, +45 25382983,

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