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Weilbach and Intelligent Cargo Systems partner up to help the shipping industry cut costs by optimizing port calls

“The partnership fills a gap and enables us to offer shipping companies a full portfolio of digital products to optimize their performance from cradle to grave. Until now, we have been able to support shipping companies in getting vessels quickly from A to B and with the CargoMate system from Intelligent Cargo Systems, we  cover the whole journey including port calls,” says Martin Mikkelsen, Director of Business Development, Weilbach.

An extra bunker cost
Port call optimization is an area that shipping companies are not focusing on, explains CEO Chris Jones from Intelligent Cargo Systems:

“This is a new area of shipping that is almost a black hole because shipping companies do not think about what actually happens when they are in port. But by using real time data that shows productivity in the port it is possible to predict more accurately whether the port operations are early, on time, or delayed and consequently maintain schedule.”

Case study on route performance
Weilbach’s partnership with Intelligent Cargo Systems means that shipping companies can participate in workshops on how to save money on port call optimization by cutting costs on fuel and at the same time reduce emission of CO2.

“We made a case study based on the route performance of a major carrier operating an Asia – Europe route of ultra-large container vessels. It showed us that 45 per cent of port calls were completed late. The statistics covered a two-month period in the Autumn 2020 and resulted in an extra bunker cost of approximately $250,000. Over a 12-month period this would cost the company more than $1.5M on this route alone to maintain schedule,” Chris Jones says and continues:

“By participating in a workshop, shipping companies can work together with us to look at areas where digital products may help them to optimize performance and avoid extra bunker costs.”

No crew training
The CargoMate system is the only system in the world that neutrally records berth performance and allows shipping companies to compare reported performance from the terminal against observed performance from the ship. Moreover, the system is easy to use and does not require crew training.

About the CargoMate System
  • The CargoMate System is a global real-time containership monitoring system that allows shipping companies to take control of every port call.
  • The CargoMate System tracks the number of container moves remaining during loading and discharging and accurately predicts whether the port operations are early, on time or delayed, no matter where your vessels are in the world.
  • The device is always up to date, showing the position and status of gantries, hatch covers, gearboxes and special cargo such as dangerous goods and out-of-gauge cargoes.
  • Shore-based teams can view real-time port activity as it happens using the dashboard, available on laptop, desktop or tablet. Notifications of the estimated time of cargo completion enables just-in-time planning of all port services and planning to the next port, reducing admin time onboard and ashore.

About Weilbach A/S
  • Weilbach is dedicated to making global shipping more efficient, safer, and faster by providing quality software solutions and products.
  • Visit - CargoMate for more information.

Martin Mikkelsen
Director Business Development
Weilbach A/S
+45 25382983

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