5124(7) North Atlantic Routeing Chart JULY

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Pris ekskl. moms 174,39 kr.
Kort nr. 5124(7)
Udgave 2
Udgivelse februar 2021
Målestok 1:20000000
Forfatter UKHO
Pris: 217,99 kr.

POD 5124(7) North Atlantic Routeing Chart

North Atlantic Routeing Chart JULY Routeing chart for JULY month. The routeing charts are for non-navigational purposes. The main content is meteorological information. The wind directions and wind forces are shown for approximately every 5 degrees. The 2002 edition covers the North Atlantic to just south of Equator and includes the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, The Black Sea, The Baltic Sea and the waters north of Norway and along the Greenlandic coasts. The currents and the ice limits are also printed. In a number of small frames the sea and air temperature and visibility curves are inserted. Besides the weather information the limits of the load line zones are also shown. Corrected to the latest NTM. (Print on Demand)