Ship Superintendency - An Introduction (Only E-Book)

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Udgave 2
Udgivelse april 2023
Forfatter Mike Wall BSc MSc FIMarEST
ISBN 9786165657525
Sprog Engelsk
Pris: 1.310,78 kr.

Ship Superintendency - An Introduction

SeaReader eBook Ship Superintendency - An Introduction 2nd Edition It is hoped that the book will become a reference work to which marine Superintendents will refer when needed. This book is intended to give those considering entering the marine superintendency discipline an understanding of the role of the Ship Superintendent. It is intended to introduce them to the wide range of duties and responsibilities. It is also intended for those currently in this role who may be looking for different thinking and methodologies. This book also comes as a consequence of writing training modules on the subject. It reveals other aspects of possible jobs in the shipping industry for those wishing to leave the sea. The book has evolved as a consequence of the author being an independent marine consultant for many years, dealing with many Ship Superintendents. This includes being a Superintendent for a short period in the UK. It is primarily aimed at those in senior ranks in the merchant navy seeking to leave the sea and take up shoreside employment. Having said this, the book may also be useful for experienced Ship Superintendents to give them broader knowledge of the subject. The role of the Ship Superintendent is both wide and deep. It is not possible to include all areas of ship operations in a single book. For this reason, subjects have been covered to an appropriate depth for an introductory work. Mike Wall. Tilgængelig som E-Bog. Ved køb af en E-Bog gives der adgang til vores gratis applikation, SeaReader, som udelukkende er kompatibel med Windows. Få mere information om E-Bøger på vores side om SeaReader: