IT Safety Man. Initiatives Sh.

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Udgivelse oktober 2016
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Safety Management Initiatives in Shipping

INTERTANKO Safety Management Initiatives in Shipping This publication seeks to clarify and explain a range of safety management initiatives available to shipping companies and to discuss the usefulness of these initiatives in achieving improvements in safety performance. It seeks to demystify the various terms and concepts that have come into use, offers guidance on measuring safety performance, and describes a number of safety management initiatives that an organization might employ to improve its safety record. As such, it is hoped that it acts as a guide to the concepts, terminologies and practices of safety management. International shipping is increasingly the subject of public scrutiny, accountable for how it manages its operations particularly in the light of some recent high-profile maritime casualties. In response to public concern, in 1998 the International Maritime Organization(IMO) adopted a new approach to managing safety when the new Chapter IX of SOLAS, Management for the Safe Operation of Ships, and the accompanying International Safety Management (ISM) Code came into force. In keeping with its on-prescriptive ethos, the ISM Code sets out the requirement for shipping companies to have in place a safety management system, but it does not stipulate the method for achieving satisfactory safety performance