Improving Ship Operational Design (Only E-Book)

Varenummer NIS0360B
Pris 863,13 kr.
Pris ekskl. moms 690,50 kr.
Udgave 2
Udgivelse September 2016
Forfatter Nautical Institute
ISBN 9781915488237
Pris: 863,13 kr.

Improving Ship Op. Design

SeaReader eBook Improving Ship Operational Design Bad ship design can kill people. It can also make working onboard difficult and resting onboard impossible. Good design can make maritime operations safer and more effective. This book aims to give naval architects and ship designers, both new and experienced, an insight into how seafarers work and live on the ships they design and how their daily lives could be improved by focusing on human-centred design. Naval architects rarely get an opportunity to go to sea, and there are few avenues for seafarers to make their views known to designers. The Nautical Institute would like to start a dialogue to help improve the flow of information between naval architects and seafarers, and to follow up on the work carried out by the CyClaDes project. Practical articles on ship types and the operational requirements of personnel, illustrated by case studies, form the core of the book. References are given and suggestions for further reading Available as digital E-Book via our free Windows-compatible software, SeaReader. More information on E-Books is on our SeaReader page: