Carriage of Cargo/Person (Only E-Book)

Varenummer IMO288A
Pris 177,05 kr.
Pris ekskl. moms 141,64 kr.
Udgave 1
Udgivelse Marts 2000
Forfatter IMO
ISBN 9789280160864
Sprog Engelsk
Pris: 177,05 kr.

Carriage of Cargo/Person

SeaReader eBook: Carriage of Cargoes & Persons by OSV (OSV Code),2000 Edition The purpose of this Code was adopted by resolutionA.863(20), is to provide, for both operator and contractor, an international Standard to avoid or reduce to a minimum the hazards which affect offshore supply vessels in their daily operation of carrying cargoes and persons from and between offshore installations. This standard should be considered when implementing a safety management system within the meaning of paragraph 1.4 of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code. Available as digital E-Book via our free Windows-compatible software, SeaReader. More information on E-Books is on our SeaReader page: