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PAYS (Pay As You Sail)

PAYS (Pay As You Sail)

The main principle of PAYS is for a vessel to have access to charts to plan routes and pay for the charts that are used for navigation. Any charts that are viewed and not used are not charged for.

The vessel is supplied with an extensive set of cell permits, and any cell can be used free of charge for passage planning. The cells are paid for when the vessel sails onto the coverage area of the cell.

On the vessel, all cells are immediately available for use with the ECDIS. There is a clear safety case for preferring this approach to schemes where a permit needs to be delivered to the vessel first.

The administrative burden to the vessel is reduced to a minimum as all charts are available all the time with no action required.

Key features

    • Automatic ordering of charts
    • Full chart portfolio always on board
    • Works with all ECDIS types
    • Free viewing of ENCs
    • No installation needed
    • Plug-and-use antenna
    • No internet connection needed
    • Compliant in the event of emergency route changes

The service

The PAYS service is solely concerned with PAYS cell permit management. It is not part of a greater ECDIS, data delivery, passage planning or other related system. As such, the service is independent of proprietary chart display or navigation technology.

WENDIS PAYS Antenna: IDP-690 C102 Terminal
WENDIS PAYS Antenna: IDP-690 C102 Terminal
WENDIS PAYS Antenna: IDP-690 Maritime Terminal
WENDIS PAYS Antenna: IDP-690 Maritime Terminal
WENDIS PAYS mounting kit
WENDIS PAYS mounting kit

How does PAYS work?

PAYS uses shore-based vessel tracking and each vessel is supplied with a satellite GPS antenna. The antenna simply needs a view of the sky and connecting to a 9-32V DC power supply. No other software of internet connection is required.

At pre-programmed intervals, the antenna transmits position reports via satellite (Inmarsat).
As position data becomes available, it is collected from the antenna and stored in a database. The database is automatically analysed and reported back to the ENC server or the shipping company.

Any existing ECDIS on the vessel can continue to be used as normal; and it will now have access to the full PAYS portfolio of charts.

PAYS can be used on ECS – Non-approved ECDIS as long as it is using ENC charts.

WENDIS Update for PAYS

Along with WENDIS PAYS we offer WENDIS Update for PAYS, which makes the updating of AVCS easy and minimizes the data transfer to a minimum. For a global ENC folio there will be:

  • 49 MB of update data per week
  • 573 updates per week
  • 20% of the updates are re-issued base cells
  • 3 KB of update data per cell per week

Some sea areas are updated more frequently than this, for example in the North Sea the average is 4 KB of update data per cell per week. This means that if you have a folio of 100 cells, you will need 300 KB of data to update your charts weekly — only 1.5 MB for 500 cells.



More information

Contact us to find out how PAYS can simplify chart purchasing on board.

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