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Weilbach Values


Weilbach shall be World´s best supplier of nautical data.


Weilbach shall meet the demands of ship owners and other maritime customers in regard to maritime information and knowledge such as publications, nautical charts, digital products and services connected to these.

This shall be accomplished through sale and development of relevant and high quality products and services through highly motivated and qualified employees and professional marketing.


Core values at Weilbach are:

Decency — Business acumen — Service — Development

Decency: Every employee shall treat company, company name, and company reputation respectfully under all circumstances.

Business acumen: Weilbach is a business.

Service: Customer satisfaction shall be Weilbach´s most important competitive parameter.

Development: Weilbach shall always stay ready for improvement and optimization. Regardless to proportions or importance of improvement, and regardless ones current organizational deployment or whether either a product, management process or the like is concerned.



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