Business Ethics

Weilbach comply with the law

Weilbach Group, its employees and agents, are required, as a minimum standard, to comply with all the laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate.

The Weilbach Code of Business Ethics applies to all businesses, employees and partners of Weilbach Group worldwide. Every employee play their part in building and strengthening the Weilbach Group as a whole and compliance with Weilbach Business Ethics helps to sustain and enhance the good reputation of the Weilbach Group.


Weilbach compete fairly

Weilbach Group believes in competing fairly and vigorously in its market sectors. Weilbach Group does not engage in, nor is it party to, agreements, business practices or conduct that, as a matter of law, are anti-competitive.


Weilbach act with integrity in all business dealings

Weilbach Group expects its employees to act with integrity at all times to safeguard the trust in which Weilbach Group is held by its customers, suppliers and other individuals and organisations with which our businesses interact.

No employee shall engage in personal activities or pursue financial or business interests which might give rise to, or give the appearance of, conflicts of interest with Weilbach Group, or which might compromise their ability to meet the responsibilities of their job.

Weilbach Group does not offer, promise, give, demand or accept bribes or other unethical advantage in order to obtain, retain or give business or other advantage.  Weilbach Group has issued a specific Anti-Corruption Policy.

Weilbach Group employees who have access to privileged information (including proprietary and confidential information, whether belonging to Weilbach Group or others) must not use it to achieve personal gain for themselves or others.

Weilbach Group employees must ensure proper and responsible use of all Weilbach Group assets, including physical property, intangible assets, IT equipment and communication resources.


Weilbach treat suppliers, partners & customers fairly 

Weilbach Group suppliers are paid promptly within agreed terms of business.

Weilbach Group seeks to provide its customers with products and services, which meet or exceed their requirements, through the application of quality management systems and continuous improvement programmes. These are designed to develop and apply innovative ideas, to respond quickly to changing customer demand and to improve continuously product quality, value and delivery times.

Weilbach Group believes in working in partnership with its suppliers, so as to meet the expectations of Weilbach Group customers, and to ensure quality, value and timeliness throughout the supply chain. Weilbach Group has issued a specific Quality Management Policy and is certified by DNV in accordance with ISO 9001.

Weilbach Group employees must respect and treat in accordance with agreed terms the technology, intellectual property, confidential information and any other assets or data received from customers, suppliers and others.

Weilbach Group expects agents, suppliers and others working on its behalf to act lawfully and ethically, and in accordance with the values and standards set out in this Code.

Weilbach Group has issued a specific Supplier Code of Conduct.


Weilbach treat our co-workers respectfully

Weilbach Group recruits, selects, and promotes employees on the basis of their qualifications, skills, aptitude and attitude.

Weilbach Group believes in good communications with employees and in promoting consultation, co-operation and teamwork on matters of mutual concern.

All Weilbach Group employees shall be treated with respect and dignity. Accordingly, any harassment or bullying is unacceptable.

Weilbach Group has issued a specific policy on Labour Rights.


Weilbach is a healthy, safe & secure workplace

Weilbach Group is conducting all its activities in a manner which achieves the highest practicable standards of health and safety. Weilbach has a Safety Committee and a Safety Officer and an elected Safety Employee.

Weilbach Group seeks to protect its employees, physical assets, information and reputation from potential security threats. Weilbach has appointed a Security Officer.


Weilbach respect the environment

Weilbach Group is committed to ensuring that, as far as reasonably practicable, any detrimental effects of its activities, products and services upon the environment are minimised.

Weilbach Group has issued a specific Environment Policy and implementing ISO 14001.


Weilbach respect human rights

Weilbach Group uphold all internationally recognised human rights wherever its operations are located.

Weilbach Group adheres to all relevant government guidelines designed to ensure that products are not incorporated into weapons or other equipment used for the purposes of terrorism or abuse of human rights.

Weilbach Group has issued a Human Rights Policy.


High standards of financial record-keeping & reporting

Weilbach Group records all business transactions accurately, prudently and transparently, in compliance with the accounting policies and in accordance with best practice.

Comprehensive assessment and management of risk, together with strong systems of internal control, are essential aspects of Weilbach Group structure and serve to ensure that it is managed effectively and that reported results are accurate.


The code applies to all of us

This Code applies throughout Weilbach Group and to all its employees and partners worldwide. Disregard or breach of the Group Code by an employee may result in disciplinary action.

This Code is not intended to replace existing policies of Weilbach Group. It serves as a governing document to which other policies must adhere.

Where Weilbach Group is a participant in any joint venture or commercial sharing arrangement, Weilbach Group seeks, as far as practicable, to ensure that the combined vehicle complies with our Code.

Weilbach Group expects and encourages employees to bring promptly to management’s attention any suspected or actual breaches of our Code. Any employee making such information known through the appropriate channels will not face any adverse or unfavourable treatment for such disclosure.


Advice & reporting

Any queries, requests for guidance or reports of alleged breaches in relation to this Code can be raised through your supervisor or line manager or directly with the Managing Director.

All reports are treated confidentially and investigated properly and promptly.