SeaReader for webshop customers

SeaReader for web customers is a self-service way to buy E-Books from our online webshop and view them in one application. There are no subscription charges, so you can buy one or a hundred E-Books and only pay for the E-Books you buy. Here, you can find everything you need to know about buying E-Books via the Weilbach webshop. Please note: E-Books are only available via Windows and are not available for MAC devices.

Step 1

Browse the titles in the Weilbach webshop & buy the E-Books you want

Step 2

Download our free SeaReader for Windows application - it's quick & easy to do!

Step 3

Set up & activate your purchased E-Books in the Customer Portal

Step 4

You can now access your new E-Books via the SeaReader application for Windows

SeaReader for web customers

SeaReader is free to download and use - you only pay for the E-Books you buy. E-Books are purchased in the webshop on There are lots of categories of books and we are always adding new titles. Purchased E-Books need activating before you can access them on SeaReader - this is quick and easy to do. E-Books are accessed in our SeaReader application for Windows and are not available for MAC devices. Full instructions will be emailed to you in your order confirmation.

How to purchase E-Books

  1. Find the title you want on the webshop
  2. Add the E-Book version to your basket
  3. Check out your basket
  4. The order confirmation email will contain an activation code for each title purchased, a link to download SeaReader and a link to the Customer Portal
    Note: you can only activate the codes on one computer
  5. Follow the link to download the free SeaReader for web customers application
  6. Follow the link and set up an account in the Customer Portal
  7. Copy and paste the activation codes into the Customer Portal
  8. Swap over to the SeaReader application to view your new purchases

Minimum operating requirements

Windows 10 Currently supported release version Processor: Min 1GHz 2 core processor (64 bit) Memory: Min 4GB. Preferred 8GB RAM Disk: Min 64GB hard disk This application is not suitable for MAC users.

SeaReader for shipping companies

If you are a shipping company or a business looking to use SeaReader, you can find the information you need by following the link below.

SeaReader for shipping companies