Explore our range of maritime flashlights, bulbs, lamps and accessories to illuminate and improve safety at sea. These high-quality lighting tools are indispensable for ensuring visibility and security on the open water, when you most need it.

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  1. 24v Oplader 3 Pin

    Price: DKK 1,707.45
    Extended delivery
  2. Energizer Hardcase Spotlight

    Price: DKK 799.00
    Extended delivery
  3. Socket for signal lamp 3 PIN

    Price: DKK 437.50
    In stock (5 pcs.)
  4. LED Light Energizer Magnet 2AA

    Price: DKK 109.00
    In stock (4 pcs.)
  5. 3 LED Pro Light Energizer Hard.

    Price: DKK 299.00
    Extended delivery
  6. Battery 24V to signal lamp

    Price: DKK 2,923.60
    Extended delivery
  7. Light bulb, 24v/60w for signal lamp

    Price: DKK 595.39
    In stock (8 pcs.)
  8. Pear 12V/60W f.Signal lamp

    Price: DKK 275.00
    In stock (3 pcs.)
  9. Daysignallamp without 24 volt bulb

    Price: DKK 9,434.56
    In stock (1 pc.)