Focus Sight Range Finder Pro

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Focus In Sight Range Finder Pro

Quickly and easily, you can find out the distance out in nature. It doesn't matter if it's on the golf course, the hunt or on the lake, the Focus In Sight Range Finder gives you the quick distance. You can also easily measure the speed of a car or a galloping horse. The Focus In Sight Range Finder is a high quality range meter with laser technology that has a working range of 4 to 600 meters with a measurement accuracy of +/- 1 meter. The PRO model also gives you the possibility of measuring the angle between the horizon and the measuring point and can indicate horizontal distance (angle adjusted distance) and height to the target. It is a perfect aid to long-distance shooting in a variety of terrain or when you just want to find out the hight of a hill or tree! In Sight has outstanding optics with a 6x magnification, 21 mm focal length and BaK-4 prisms which, together with the advanced multi-layer anti-reflective coating (FMC) gives a precise, clear image even in difficult light conditions. The eyepiece has an eye relief of 16mm, which makes it easy to use even with glasses. The range meter has seven different programmers: 1. Range meter: The standard mode where the displayed distance refers to the straight line of sight to the object . 2. Range meter for small objects: Indicated by a golf flag in the display. Scans the area you are looking at and provides information about the distance to the nearest object. For example, a golf flag or a deer out on the field. 3. Measuring distance in rain/fog: Sends out a stronger signal that passes through humidity. The minimum distance is 25 m to ensure accuracy. 4. Speed measurements: Measures how fast an object is moving. Max speed 300 km/h. In addition, with the PRO model 5. Distance measurement with conversion: Symbolized by golf flag and angle. Measures and first shows the distance along the line of sight, then counts how far you have to hit / shoot if the object is above or below the horizon. Then alternately shows the calculated value and the inclination in degrees. 6. Measuring horizontal distance: Symbolized by HD and an angle. Calculates the horizontal distance to the object and the angle. Makes it easier when aiming downhill. The display alternately shows the distance and the angle. 7. Height measurement: Symbolized by HD and an angle. Aim for the base of an object, e.g. a tree or a building, and then towards the top. The display now shows its height. The meter automatically shuts off 30 seconds after last use to save battery power. Battery CR2 not included