Focus Eagle 8x42 RF 1500m

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Focus Eagle

Focus Eagle is a rangefinder that can measure distances of up to 1500m and at the same time function as a binocular. It comes in two versions 8x42 and 10X42 where both can measure dimensions up to 1500m. It is a solid construction with a knurled grip surface that makes the distance meter stable in hands. The optical construction consists of high quality glass with advanced anti-reflex treatment that gives a sharp image with good contrast. The eyecups has 4 rotatable positions and a vertex distance of 19.5 mm which makes it easy to use even you use glasses. Each eyepiece also has an individual focus setting. In the distance meter, there are as many as seven different measuring programs. Standard: which works as a good all-rounder in most cases. LDP: Longest Distance Priority) - the distance meter searches for the longest distance and jumps over things that can block in front of the object, such as bushes, branches etc. LDP / Scan: Same as LDP but here you also get an angle measurement. Fog: The rangefinder sends a stronger signal that passes through moisture. Minimum measuring distance is 25 m to ensure accuracy. Vertical position: The meter measures the height of an object such as a tree. Horizontal position: To measure distance and angle, after calculation, the distance meter alternatively shows horizontal distance and angle. Speed: The meter measures the speed of an object. The meter can then measure up to 300km / h. Measuring out some reference points when hunting is an easy way to make your hunting more efficient, but even when hunting birds, it can be good to be able to calculate the distance to the target and calculate the ballistics for the minimum impact area. Focus Eagle combines both a rangefinder and binoculars in one and facilitates your hunt. It comes with a protective case and a comfortable neoprene strap. Dimension (DxBxH) 155x130x62 Dioptri kompensation +/-5 Watertight IPX5 Magnification x 8