Dive into our collection of maritime clocks, crafted for precise timekeeping at sea. These high-quality timekeeping instruments are indispensable for your maritime experience, giving you accurate and reliable timekeeping.

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  1. Barigo Ships Clock 2350MS

    Price: DKK 2,323.28
    Extended delivery
  2. Watch key

    Price: DKK 40.00
    In stock (10+ pcs.)
  3. Barigo Ships Clock 611CR

    Price: DKK 1,115.18
    Extended delivery
  4. SEIKO Slave Clock MC-008 CR

    Price: DKK 15,575.19
    Extended delivery
  5. 6" Barigo ur Q R/G (1650MSFS)

    Price: DKK 3,540.66
    Extended delivery
  6. 6" Barigo Q-clock Chrom (1650)

    Price: DKK 3,549.95
    Extended delivery
  7. 6" Barigo quartz (1650CR)

    Price: DKK 3,624.30
    Extended delivery
  8. 6" Barigo Q-clock brass (1650)

    Price: DKK 3,466.31
    Out of stock
  9. Barigo Ships Clock 587MS

    Price: DKK 2,416.20
    Out of stock
  10. Barigo Ships Bell Clock 591MS

    Price: DKK 9,990.05
    Extended delivery
  11. Barigo Ships Clock 587CR

    Price: DKK 3,076.01
    Extended delivery
  12. Barigo Ships Bell Clock 1491MS

    Price: DKK 10,454.71
    Extended delivery
  13. Barigo Ships Clock 1487MS

    Price: DKK 2,964.49
    Extended delivery
  14. Barigo Ship Bell Clock 622.7MS

    Price: DKK 4,525.73
    In stock (1 pc.)
  15. Barigo Ships Clock 2350MSFS

    Price: DKK 2,011.95
    In stock (1 pc.)
  16. Barigo Quartz Ships Cl. 1187MS

    Price: DKK 1,533.36
    Extended delivery
  17. Skibs Ur Hvid Chrom. 827CR

    Price: DKK 1,282.45
    Extended delivery