IMRAY Inland Water. France I

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Edition 9
Release December 2021
Author Edwards-May, David
ISBN 9781786793041
Language English
Price: DKK 236.31

Inland Waterways of France Volume 1 North and Centre

The ninth edition of Inland Waterways of France is the ideal guide for planning cruises in and through the most fascinating and diverse waterway network in Europe. This edition takes a new paperback format, split into three volumes. Author David Edwards-May presents a detailed overview of the waterways extending from the English Channel through Northern France, Picardy and Paris to Central France and Burgundy. This system totals 2700 kilometers of waterways that are as vibrant as ever, and include the new Seine-Nord Europe Canal, now under construction, to be completed by 2028. Recreational use is growing alongside the commercial traffic on the busier waterways, while Champagne, Burgundy and Central France have become cruising destinations in their own right This first volume of the new edition sets out the current state of the network in 200 pages in full colour, with detailed maps of junctions and other key sites on the network, overview maps for each waterway, and route descriptions. It is a unique blend of practical information, maps, background historical notes and colour photographs. A4. Soft cover.