LNG Steamship Suggested Compe.

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Release October 2010
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LNG Steamship Suggested Competency Standards for Engineers

LNG Steamship Suggested Competency Standards for Engineers Guidance and Suggested Best Practice for the LNG Industry in the 21st Century Marine transportation of LNG is the only sector of merchant shipping where steam propulsion systems remain widely employed. This SIGTTO publication sets out competence standards for engineers operating and maintaining these systems and forms default minimum training recommendations for best practice. This set of standards has been written using the 'competency based method' that is widely used in STCW and the industry in general. Each of the main sections (management and operational) provides a summary of the various competences that must be attained, listing the required knowledge and understanding and the outcomes of effective performance. The standards are not mandatory, but SIGTTO believes they represent current best practice for operational training standards for engineers. SIGTTO strongly recommends that they should be adopted and also improved and expanded by operators to suit their own ships and operations.