Liquefied Gas Fire Hazard Man.

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Edition 1
Release January 2004
ISBN 9781856092654
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Liquefied Gas Fire Hazard Management

This book examines fire hazard management in the liquefied gas shipping and terminal industry, with reference to large refrigerated and smaller pressurized storage terminals, ships, cylinder filling plant and road and rail tanker loading racks. It is aimed at operational staff involved in handling flammable liquefied gas, as well as fire officers and other emergency planners who have liquefied gas installations in their jurisdiction. This book provides an insight into the design and operation of liquefied gas installations and the equipment that is essential to their safe and efficient functioning. It describes the properties of flammable liquids and gases and explains how they should be stored and transported. It considers how the risk of combustion can be reduced to an acceptable level and examines the lessons learnt from relevant incidents. Fire hazard management and emergency response strategies are covered in depth, from the contingency planning stage to fire prevention and detection, firefighting media and procedures, personal protective equipment (PPE) and maintenance of critical systems. The book also lists relevant codes, standards and guidelines in use throughout the world