Jackup Moving OSS Vol.2 2nd Ed

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Edition 2
Release January 2023
Author Hancox, Michael
ISBN 9781914992896
Language English
Price: DKK 1,648.04

Jackup Moving (Oilfield Seamanship Series, Volume 2) - 2nd Edition This volume of the Oilfield Seamanship Series illustrates how jackup rigs are safely moved from one location to another in an offshore environment. The purpose of the book is to support tow Masters, personnel responsible for moving jackup rigs, tug and anchoring handling vessel crews, and those ashore involved in planning rig move operations. This second edition reflects significant changes to the ways in which jackups are managed when afloat, such as those concerning design rules, regulations, guidelines and codes of practice. It includes changes to jackup moving operations, which are now conducted under a detailed and agreed Rig Move Procedure (RMP). This document clearly sets out the duties and responsibilities of the principal parties involved, the criteria to be used when making decisions regarding starting and stopping operations and the details of any sea passage to be undertaken. The book is appended with pre-move checklists and verified tow Master calculations. This edition has been updated to include intricate technical illustrations, which have been annotated to reflect the steps involved in complex positioning operations. Factors such as weather criteria, seabed analysis and Certificate of Approval acquisition have also been included, making this a both a comprehensive and practical reference tool.