Hamnguiden 7, Landsort, Skanör, Öland, Gotland & Bornholm (Only E-Book)

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Edition 2
Release February 2018
Author Ardebrant Granath Hotvedt San
ISBN 9788279972112
Language Danish/Swedish
Price: DKK 380.80

Hamnguiden 7 - 2nd Edition

E-BOOK: Many harbor guides have been published over the years on the Swedish east coast, but none as rich and complete as this one. Here, well-known and lesser-known natural harbors are described, you get tips on fairways and sailing, and detailed instructions are presented here for all guest harbors along the coast between Landsort and Skanör. Everything is described in detail with aerial photographs, maps and words. In the first section of this new and radically revised edition of the book, you will find Hydrographica's unique and highly valued Harbor guide map of all harbors between Landsort and Påskallavik. Before publication, each individual port is hydrographically measured and checked on the spot, the information can be as up-to-date as possible. More than 250 natural harbors and approximately 40 guest harbors are described in this part, where Hydrographica's detailed mapping shows lots of useful facts about the harbor conditions under water and on land. In the natural harbors the visitor is also guided with words by Lars Granath and in the guest harbors by Torbjörn Ardebrant. The book's second section, from Påskallavik to Skanör with the islands of Gotland, Öland and Bornholm, is based on the previous edition of Havneguiden 7, but this part is also really updated with many new photos and updates. This part is dominated by all the coastal stretch's idyllic guest harbours. 140 guest harbors and more than 20 natural harbors are presented here. In this part of the book, Per Hotvedt is your guide. We await the paper edition in April 2025