Hamnguiden 5 Göteborg-Svinesund

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Edition 4
Release March 2021
Author Engevik, Hanne og Jørn
ISBN 9788279972297
Language Swedish/German/English
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Hamnguiden 5

Hamnguiden 5, Gothenburg - Svinesund describes approx. 400 ports. In some cases, more than one port is mentioned on the same posting. Each port is presented with its own Port guide map, aerial photo, descriptive text and a fact box with key information. The text is divided into two: The maritime part describes the port, the entry and any special conditions. You will also be told what type of mooring you will need, so you can be prepared on arrival. The general text tells about the character and history of the place and its surroundings and about what you can see, do and experience when you arrive. Where applicable, we have also tried to point out things you may find interesting and explore further yourself. Curiosity is a good companion to have on a trip. On the Harbor charts you will find more details than on ordinary sea charts and chartplotters. Here, it is also marked where it is best to moor, what kind of mooring is used and which direction the picture was taken from. The aerial photos with markings give you a quick overview of the port's surroundings, facilities, approach routes, dangers and mooring options. In the summer of 2020, the Harbor Guides cover an area that stretches from Arholma north of Stockholm to Kirkenes, the most north-eastern point in Norway. In the Harbor guide series there are also guides covering Denmark, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece. The harbor guides are an international success, and several parts have been translated into German and English.