New Building Outfit Service

Your one-stop-shop for new ship builds


We supply everything you need to make sure your vessels are always up to date. Our products range from small instruments all the way up to a custom designed software solution for a fleet of vessels.


  • Full set-up of the Weilbach digital services
  • Implementation of WENDIS digital products
  • Bespoke software solutions
  • Supply of supporting data
  • Supply of install files, licences and update notifications
  • Digital and paper charts
  • eBooks and paper books
  • Choice of instruments
  • We supply tailor-made deliveries


Ongoing Technical Support Service

  • Ongoing 24/7 technical support
  • Ongoing services to keep vessels up to date
  • Supply of supporting data
  • Supply of install files, licences and update notifications
  • Data patching
  • Improving functionality, usability, or performance of a program


Preparation of scope of supply

  • Weilbach provides total scope of delivery of nautical instruments, charts and publications in digital as well as in paper format
  • The scope of delivery is based on information from the ship owner with regards to the area of operation and the type of the vessel
  • Weilbach offers short preparation and delivery time of new building orders as well as minimum backorders
  • We keep the ship owner updated with any crucial information, which may be of importance before, during the preparation process and after delivery has taken place


Nautical Instruments

Delivery scope of nautical instruments is based on the standard list prepared by the ship owner.



The chart list is based on the expected area of operations of the vessel, which is supplied by the ship owner. Weilbach finds the charts, either paper or digital, which are necessary for safe navigation in the area and also for calling the ports in service. We struggle to keep the quantity of charts on safe minimum. Additionally, the transit charts for world wide coverage are delivered for emergency situations. The quantity varies between 200 and 750 paper charts and the charts may originate from different suppliers in order to secure the best coverage.

Finally the chart list is passed to the vessel for approval.



Based on the type of the vessel, Weilbach finds the relevant publications for the vessel, using the publication list, which is beforehand accepted by the ship owner. The list is maintained by Weilbach so the publications included fulfil the requirements from authorities, national flag states, classification societies and the internal requirement of the ship owner.

The exact publication list is unique for each vessel and originates from several publishing houses, is passed on via email to the vessel for approval.

The lists of charts and publications are prepared without any cost to the ship owner.

In order to secure the complete scope of supply we recommend 3-4 weeks delivery notice, however in extraordinary situation, e.g. when a retrofit vessel is being taken over, we can supply a complete delivery of instruments, charts and publications with 3-4 day's notice.

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