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Accessed via Viewer, Weather is our weather service package providing high quality weather data for marine navigation in our back of bridge system, Viewer. Adding weather data to our Viewer software allows mariners to plan and navigate the best route for their ship for the current and forecast weather conditions at sea.

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Advantages of Weather for Viewer

Comprehensive weather data

Access worldwide weather and ocean parameters, including wind, mean sea level pressure, significant wave height, sea height, direction and period, swell and surface ocean currents.

Sea ice and iceberg data

The Weather package contains all details of sea ice limits in both the northern and southern hemispheres. It also provides information about the icebergs near Newfoundland.

Tropical cyclone data

Access detailed tropical storm information from the National Hurricane Center and the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

Accurate weather data

You have total visibility of actual and predicted weather for accurate route planning and monitoring.

Global Atmospheric GFS

3-hourly time steps, 4 daily forecast updates, forecast length 7 days and horizontal resolution of 0.25 degrees.

NCEP Global Ocean Wave

3-hourly time steps, four daily forecast updates, forecast length 7 days, resolution: 1.25 x 1.00 degrees.

Global Ocean Current

Surface current speed and direction, 3-hourly time steps, daily forecast update, 144 hours ahead (6 days forecast), 0.08 degrees resolution.

Weather evaluation

The approach of the service is strategic, especially for longer ocean-crossings, where the key to identifying the optimum voyage is often 8-10 days ahead on the route. Evaluating the weather developments and forecast uncertainties, the most economical and safe route can be determined. Part of the evaluation is to ensure that possible changes to the expected weather development does not result in a risk of unsafe conditions or expensive delays.

Collaboration with Vento Maritime

We work closely with Vento Maritime to bring you our Weather data service. Our weather service puts the safety of your crew, vessel and cargo as our primary focus while also taking the importance of economy into account. Change of fuel in connection with ECA zones is included in optimizing the voyage.

Dedicated meteorologists

The Vento Maritime meteorologists are dedicated to helping maritime customers improve safety at sea, save fuel and time. The marine forecasters are all WMO-certified meteorologists with years of experience in understanding the needs of maritime clients. The team is passionate about excellent customer service and the art of communicating meteorological and oceanographic uncertainties, in order to provide timely, essential and accurate decision-making support.

Minimum System Requirements


You will need to be a user of our Viewer software to access Weather Service.

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