Digital log book system

Manage logs easily on board with a digital log book system to replace your paper log books, including log books required by MARPOL, for example, oil, cargo and garbage log books. By digitalising ship log books, all the information is available and visible online immediately for fast and accurate reporting, both on board and ashore. OneLog is intuitive and replicates paper logs to make it quick and easy to get up and running and record daily activities. The move to digital log books is very easy and you don't need to buy any additional hardware to make the upgrade.

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Advantages of OneLog

Automatic backups

You can configure automatic backups of between 30 minutes and 24 hours to keep data safe and save you time doing manual backups.

handwritten logs

Accurate logs

Human error is reduced as log data entered is legible, eliminating mistakes made due to illegible handwriting and potential errors are highlighted.

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Accurate audits

Deleted entries are saved in the history and shown as crossed to replicate a paper log book and keep your records accurate.

Password protected

Each user has a unique log in and password with allocated access rights to make sure the correct people add and approve logs.

Offline operation

No need to worry about poor internet connection on board - you don’t need internet access to use OneLog as the data is stored on the vessel.

Approved by Lloyd's Register

Developed and tested with ship-owners to produce an accurate, realistic and easy to use replacement for paper log books.

Secure data

We use one of the safest encryption models in the world to protect your log data and keep your log entries safe.

New log books immediately

By digitally recording your daily onboard activities, you are removing the need to print and courier paper logbooks to vessels. Digital log books are available instantly, so you do not need to wait for the next new log book to arrive from shore. We are always working to add new types of log books to provide a fully digital log book system.

Reduced administration

Some log books have to be stored for ten years, taking up valuable space on board. Replace them with a digital system that saves space on board and saves admin time checking stock levels and reordering paper replacements.

Flexible system

OneLog fits to the specific needs and infrastructure on each vessel – it works either all on one computer, where OneLog and the collected data are stored together. It can also run on multiple computers and collected data is stored on a server to give multiple access points.

List of digital log books available

• OceanPass Emissions • Deck Log Book • Oil Record Book Part I • Oil Record Book Part II • Cargo Record Book • Water Ballast Record Book • Garbage Record Book Part I • Garbage Record Book Part II • GMDSS Radio Log Book • Radar Log Book • Compass Observation Book • Biofouling Management Log Book • Register of Cargo Handling Gear • Mooring Operations Log Book • EGCS Record Book • Engine Log Book

Minimum System Requirements

Client PC(s):

•  Windows PC with Windows version 10 or 11
•  4 GB RAM. 10GB hard disk space
•  HD and above resolutions 1360x768 (minimum 1024x720)
•  .NET Core Desktop Runtime 6.0


Server PC (if using client-server mode)

•  Windows PC with Windows version 10 or 11 or Server 2012, 2016 or 2019
•  4 GB RAM. 10GB hard disk space
•  Standard network to connect the clients and server
•  .NET Core Runtime 6.0 (x86 version)
•  ASP.NET Core Runtime 6.0 (x86 version)

WENDIS: Weilbach Nautical Digitized Information System

WENDIS is our family of software products designed to make workflows on board simpler, reduce mistakes and decrease human error. They achieve this by enhancing administration and making sure you are always up to date.

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