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Add marine charting functionality with ENCX
ENCX is a comprehensive SDK to add marine charting functionality to your software, saving you time and money.

Comprising both vector and raster chart functionality and support for all major chart formats, the ENCX system allows you to build a wide range of software quickly and easily.

The toolkit is easy to use and you can add ENC chart display functionality with as little as 19 lines of code. ENCX is so easy to work with and integrate into existing products.

It is very versatile - you can add it to almost any system at any stage and do not have to build your system around ours.

You can read a case study here to see an example of how ENCx can be used.

  • Supports all versions of Additional Military Layers (AML)
  • Supports latest version of ENC Presentation Libraries (S-52 PL 4.0.2)
  • ENCX is an extremely fast, high quality, mature product
  • The most important chart formats and functions come as standard, for one price
  • Very easy to use - no training is needed for ENCX
  • Regular updates available at no additional cost
  • Many programming languages can be used (C#, VB.NET, C++, Delphi and more)
  • Free demo available
More information
You can find more information on the ENCX website, where you can download the free demonstration software.

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