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Digital log book certified according to IMO regulation

OneLog a digital log platform

The digital log book platform is called Wendis OneLog and was launched last year. The software has been developed and tested with ship-owners to approve it as an accurate and realistic replacement for paper log books. With this, the platform is now approved according to the IMO regulation MEPC.312(74) to be used solely on board in place of paper log books.

“The market is looking for digital solutions that can support ship owners and seafarers in simplifying communication between the ships and the office ashore. By digitalising log books, all information and communication are available and visible online immediately,” says Martin Mikkelsen, Director of Business Development, Weilbach and continues:

“This means that shipowners can cut costs by not spending time and money waiting for the right information from the ship and sending log books to vessels with a courier. Also, they can report back to their customers and visualise information about e.g. fuel consumption, the route and who is on board because this is part of the data in the log books.”

Easy to get up and running

The OneLog software solution closely replicates paper log books. This makes it easy to use for seafarers and enables them to get the platform up and running straight away while staying compliant with regulations.

“During the last year, digital solutions have become more widely accepted by ship-owners.  Likewise, the industry is more ready to replace traditional systems on board. With the approval of WENDIS OneLog, we can offer a fully digitalised portfolio, and this also pushes the digital agenda,” says Martin Mikkelsen.

About WENDIS OneLog

  • OneLog is approved according to the IMO regulation MEPC.312(74).
  • The details of the vessel do not need to be entered in every log book in OneLog. You only add the vessel details once and OneLog will then share the details with the log books in the system.
  • For audit purposes, all data put into OneLog is saved in the history, even if the data is deleted.
  • There are no errors due to bad handwriting as there is no handwriting.
  • Secure role-based access maintains procedures on board.

You can find more information on OneLog here.

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