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The WENDIS Weather Package

When buying our Weather package, you get a full weather service for all your needs with high quality weather data, including information regarding tropical storms and ice conditions. Within the package, you get access to the following worldwide weather and ocean parameters:
  • Wind (direction and speed)
  • Mean Sea Level Pressure
  • Significant wave height
  • Sea (height, direction and period)
  • Swell (height, direction and period)
  • Surface ocean currents (direction and speed)

Sea Ice and Icebergs

The Weather package contains all details of sea ice limits in both the northern and southern hemispheres. It also provides information about the icebergs near Newfoundland. All daily reports on icebergs near Newfoundland are supported by, and delivered from, the Canadian Ice Service by Vento Maritime.
Furthermore, the southern and northern limits of sea ice are updated daily, based on recent satellite images from the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites, EUMETSAT. These data are for guidance purposes only and are not recommended as a stand-alone product in connection with navigating near or in ice. It is therefore recommended to request ice guidance and Strategic Weather Routing.
Global sea ice extent observed by EUMETSAT satellites.
Global sea ice extent observed by EUMETSAT satellites.
Forecasted track of Hurricane Jose in September 2017 by the National Hurricane Center in Florida.
Forecasted track of Hurricane Jose in September 2017 by the National Hurricane Center in Florida.

Tropical Cyclones

Together with Vento Maritime, the National Hurricane Center and the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, we deliver very detailed information about tropical storms around the world. Tropical developments are some of the most difficult weather systems, when it comes to forecasting both track and intensity. However, NCEP, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center and the National Hurricane Center are in the lead, when it comes to predicting these weather systems. Due to the uncertainties related to tropical lows, requests for Strategic Weather Routing are recommended, when passing through high-risk areas.

MetOcean forecast data details

The NCEP Global Atmospheric GFS-model:
  • 3-hourly time steps
  • Four daily forecast updates
  • Forecast length 7 days
  • Horizontal resolution of 0.25 degrees
The NCEP Global Ocean Wave WW3- model:
  • 3-hourly time steps
  • Four daily forecast updates
  • Forecast length 7 days
  • Resolution: 1.25 x 1.00 degrees
The NCEP Global Ocean Current HYCOM-model:
  • Surface current speed and direction
  • 3-hourly time steps
  • Daily forecast update
  • 144 hours ahead (6 days forecast)
  • 0.08 degrees resolution
Considering transmission costs, the high-resolution forecast data will distributed in a somewhat reduced resolution.

Collaboration with Vento Maritime

We work closely with Vento Maritime to bring you our Weather package to use in Viewer. Our weather service puts the safety of your crew, vessel and cargo as our primary focus while also taking the importance of economy into account. Change of fuel in connection with ECA zones is included in optimizing the voyage.

The approach of the service is strategic – especially for longer ocean-crossings – where the key to identifying the optimum voyage often is 8 to 10 days ahead on the route. By evaluating the weather development and forecast uncertainties the most economical and safe route can be determined. A part of this evaluation is also to ensure that possible changes to the expected weather development does not result in a risk of unsafe conditions or expensive delays.

The Vento Maritime meteorologists are dedicated to helping maritime customers improve safety at sea, save fuel and time. The marine forecasters are all WMO-certified meteorologists with years of experience in understanding the needs of maritime clients. The team is passionate about excellent customer service and the art of communicating meteorological and oceanographic uncertainties, in order to provide timely, essential and accurate decision support to the clients.

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