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How it works

Weather Routing Optimizer analyzes a planned route against the weather forecast for the route. It suggests variations to the route and schedule to give the best route and voyage speeds. These variations optimize the voyage to keep the vessel on time and to schedule.

Key features

  • Vessels stay on schedule
  • Improved efficiency
  • Visibility of actual and predicted weather
  • Weather forecast for seven days
  • Reduced exposure to high winds and heavy seas
  • Shows where the vessel is scheduled to be at the forecast time

Collaboration of leading companies

Three leading companies in the maritime industry have collaborated to make Weather Routing Optimizer a reality. A full weather data service from Vento Maritime and a Route Optimizer from FORCE Technology are integrated into the WENDIS Viewer platform from Weilbach.


Total route control

Weather Routing Optimizer gives you total control as waypoints can be added along the route as needed. You can choose which parts of the voyage need optimizing, as it is not necessary to optimize all legs, for example, ports and shallow waters.
It takes into account the type and dimensions of the vessel and varies the leg speeds for the forecast weather conditions.

More information

Contact us to discuss how Optimizer can improve your voyages.

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