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Enterprise Software

Weilbach’s software development department was founded over 20 years ago and has a long standing history of combining software and data to create effective solutions and services for our clients and customers.

Bespoke software solutions
Our software solutions solve specific problems in the maritime industry. They are used for many different applications, including passage planning, back of bridge marine navigation systems, fleet tracking and tidal databases.

We have the experience and knowledge of both the maritime industry and software design to create solutions that make life easier for mariners and shipping companies.

The software we design allows organizations to easily obtain, consume and process large quantities of marine data and to get meaningful results from that data.

We work with the industry’s biggest names and design solutions for some of the world’s largest Hydrographic Offices, shipping companies and distributors of navigational data.

Accurate and robust
The software we create is used in safety-critical situations and it is vital that everything we design is accurate, reliable and robust. Our experienced design team ensure that whatever they design provides accurate, trustworthy and realistic results.

Easy to use
Everything we design is easy to use and intuitive. We want the people using it to be able to do so with minimum training and to find their way around it intuitively.

Areas of expertise
We specialize in marine data management to add value to large quantities of data, by making it easy to search, check, edit and analyse large volumes of survey data. Some of our solutions are the definitive standard in the industry.

Our real time navigation solutions give bridge officers the best situational awareness their fast chart drawing, data display and route monitoring features.

Our experience with the challenges of working with internet on board means we can successfully supply and update a wide variety of data streams into vessels and back offices.

CherSoft - a Weilbach company
All bespoke software solutions are created by our UK-based software company, CherSoft, who specialize in software systems and solutions for the marine industry.

More information
Contact us to discuss how we can design the perfect software for your marine problem. 

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