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Ships Library Management Service

New Edition Service and Inventory Management

  • Registration is FREE OF CHARGE
  • Your subscription folio can be changed or cancelled at any time
  • The system can be customised to meet the requirements of your ship
  • All your charts and books are kept up to date 

Weilbach New Edition Service has evolved continuously to meet the requirements of specialised vessels and trading patterns, and offers a fully computerised system specifically developed to meet the demands from our customers.

The system can be customised to allow for individual requirements of ship owners and managers, but the primary function is to ensure that the vessel always has on board the most up to date charts and publications for the areas in which it is operating, and is provided with the latest corrections and supplements. Once arranged, the service requires minimum action from ship managers.

Registration in our New Edition Service is FREE OF CHARGE. Your advantage is prompt delivery of new editions of the titles you have registered. Your subscription folio can be changed or cancelled at any time.
Our staffs are highly experienced, and many have been serving officers at sea. This experience ensures that the system operates smoothly and successfully and meets the customer requirements.


  1. The ship owner/vessel informs Weilbach about the current stock of charts and publications on board each individual vessel including date of issue.
  2. The new editions delivered to the vessel will include any new edition of publications or charts published since the last shipment.
  3. The new editions will be delivered to the vessel every time we have one or more new editions.
  4. Deliveries can by agreement be on a monthly basis.
  5. The new editions can be delivered to either a central warehouse or a shipping agency.
  6. If delivered to a warehouse the shipment will be sent as a consolidated shipment, containing collies clearly marked for the individual vessel.
  7. If delivered to a shipping agent the new editions are sent to the ships destinations.
  8. The ship owner has the option of receiving a PDF file with the individual invoices for the vessels.
  9. The vessel has the option of receiving a PDF file with the delivery note for information on the items contained in the new edition shipment.
  10. The vessel also has the option of receiving an updated subscription list every third month or by agreement more often.
  11. If the vessel change route, Weilbach is able to change the vessels new edition service immediately and deliver charts and publications according to the new route.
  12. Only charts and publications regarding the vessels route will be included in the new edition services. Only special publications regarding the flag and type of the vessel will be included in the new edition services.
  13. The vessel can work with active and passive charts. If the vessel change route, charts can be activated from passive to active and visa versa. This saves time on board and the vessel only need to keep the charts updated, they use in a given period.

 Newbuilding Outfit Service

  • Weilbach is your one-stop-shop for charts, books and instruments
  • Tailor-made deliveries
  • Free deliveries to shipyards


    Preparation of scope of supply

    Weilbach provides total scope of delivery of nautical instruments, charts and publications in digital as well as in paper format.

    The scope of delivery is based on information from the ship owner with regards to the area of operation and the type of the vessel.

    Weilbach offers short preparation- and delivery time of new building orders as well as minimum backorders.

    We keep the ship owner updated with any crucial information, which may be of importance before-, during the preparation process and after delivery has taken place.

    Nautical Instruments. Delivery scope of nautical instruments is based on the standard list prepared by the ship owner. Some of the instruments are manufactured by Weilbach.

    Charts. The chart list is based on the expected area of operations of the vessel, which is supplied by the ship owner. Weilbach finds the charts, either paper or digital, which are necessary for safe navigation in the area and also for calling the ports in service. We struggle to keep the quantity of charts on safe minimum. Additionally, the transit charts for world wide coverage are delivered for emergency situations. The quantity varies between 200 and 750 paper charts and the charts may originate from different suppliers in order to secure the best coverage.

    Finally the chart list is passed to the vessel for approval.


    Based on the type of the vessel, Weilbach finds the relevant publications for the vessel, using the publication list, which is beforehand accepted by the ship owner. The list is maintained by Weilbach so the publications included fulfil the requirements from authorities, national flag states, classification societies and the internal requirement of the ship owner.

    The exact publication list, which usually contains between 200 and 400 items which originates from several publishing houses, is passed on via email to the vessel for approval.

    The lists of charts and publications are prepared without any cost for the ship owner.

    In order to secure the complete scope of supply we recommend 3-4 weeks delivery notice, however in extraordinary situation, e.g. when a retrofit vessel is being taken over, we can supply a complete delivery of instruments, charts and publications within 3-4 days notice.

    For more information please contact


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