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Ships Library Management Service

Register free of charge for our new edition service and inventory management to make sure your vessels always have the latest publications and editions on board.

New Edition Service and Inventory Management

  • Free of charge to register for the service
  • Prompt delivery of new editions of registered titles
  • Subscription folio can be changed or cancelled at any time
  • Customised to meet the requirements of your ship
  • Keeps all of your charts and books up to date
  • Minimal action from ship owners

Our New Edition Service ensures that vessels always have the most up to date charts and publications for the areas they are operating in, including the latest corrections and supplements.

The service has continuously evolved to meet the requirements of specialised vessels and trading patterns and the digital system can be customised to the individual requirements of ship owners and managers.

Once arranged, the service requires minimum action from ship managers.

Registration for our New Edition Service is free of charge and your subscription folio can be changed or cancelled at any time.

Many of the staff at Weilbach have been serving officers at sea, and are highly experienced in our industry. This experience ensures that the system operates smoothly and successfully and meets the requirements of our customers.

Procedure and notes

  1. The ship owner/vessel informs Weilbach about the current stock of charts and publications on board each individual vessel, including date of issue.
  2. The new editions delivered to the vessel will include any new edition of publications or charts published since the last shipment.
  3. The new editions will be delivered to the vessel every time we have one or more new editions.
  4. We can also deliver on a monthly basis, by agreement.
  5. New editions can be delivered to either a central warehouse or a shipping agency.
  6. If delivered to a warehouse, the shipment will be sent as a consolidated shipment, containing collies clearly marked for the individual vessel.
  7. If delivered to a shipping agent, the new editions are sent to the destinations of the ships.
  8. The ship owner has the option of receiving a PDF file with the individual invoices for the vessels.
  9. The vessel has the option of receiving a PDF file with the delivery note for information on the items contained in the new edition shipment.
  10. The vessel also has the option of receiving an updated subscription list every third month or by agreement more often.
  11. If the vessel changes route, Weilbach is able to change the vessels new edition service immediately and deliver charts and publications according to the new route.
  12. Only charts and publications regarding the vessels route will be included in the new edition services. Only special publications regarding the flag and type of the vessel will be included in the new edition services.
  13. The vessel can work with active and passive charts. If the vessel changes route, charts can be activated from passive to active and vice versa. This saves time on board and the vessel only needs to keep the charts they use in a given period updated.

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