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Shipment Service

  • Consolidated shipments
  • New edition delivery
  • Warehouse delivery

Consolidated shipments
Weilbach can consolidate all normal orders and new editions to each vessel and send it directly to the vessel. We can combine local partners stock, vessel destination and priority of the shipment and optimize the transport to every vessel.

Delivery of new editions - Direct
We handle all communication with the vessels regarding the shipment of orders, including orders for new editions.

Each month, or as needed, we email the vessel to advise what is ready for shipment to the vessel, including any new editions of charts and publications. The vessel responds with an agent and delivery time for the delivery. We will then make the shipment ready and revert with an AWB number for the vessel and the agent for safe delivery.

Delivery of new editions - Warehouse
Weilbach can offer consolidated deliveries to a warehouse or head office each time a new publication or chart is available. This will be delivered in a consolidated shipment, where the warehouse will be handling the further shipment.

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