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New office in Suez

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Weilbach strengthens its position in Egypt with new office

In 2015, the global software and shipping supplier Weilbach A/S established Weilbach Egypt Ltd. with Leth Agencies A/S and Concord Shipping Agency Ltd. to be able to support vessels passing through the Suez Canal with printed nautical charts on demand. In 2020, Weilbach Egypt Ltd. increased revenue by 50 percent and is now opening the third office in Suez to expand its market share.

“Although, digitalization is developing rapidly in many parts of the shipping industry there is a large part of the world fleet that is not yet fully digitalized and is still running partly on paper. This market has turned out to be a growth market for us as we are able to benefit from the fact that our business and processes are purely digital today,” says Torben Frerks, CEO, Weilbach A/S that is co-owner of Weilbach Egypt Ltd.

Partnership leads the way

The first steps towards success in Egypt were taken by Weilbach, Leth Agencies and Concord Shipping Agency in 2015 when the companies met on a trade exhibition in the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

“Establishing a partnership was the key to realizing the potential of the Egyptian market. Leth Agencies already had a partner in Egypt, which is necessary to set up a company, and they had direct contact with ships passing through Suez every day. On our side we had the experience and setup that was needed to offer 100 percent printing on demand from the beginning,” explains Torben Frerks.

Jacob Guldager, CEO, Leth Agencies, continues:

“As the second largest agent in the area, we have several ships passing through the Suez Canal every day. Therefore, we know the shipowners and their need for having updated charts on board to be compliant at any time. By offering printing on demand, we help them to have the right charts when e.g. the route changes or updates are made.”

Digitalization leads to printing on demand

With the opening of the new office in Suez, Weilbach Egypt Ltd. has three offices all with a complete stock of about 4,000 different nautical charts, books, and other publications. In addition to this, the company also has flags, binoculars, and other relevant equipment that the ships might need when passing through.

“We digitalized every paper process many years ago and, we therefore have a very efficient and competitive organization. Combined with the knowledge about Egyptian culture and business from Leth Agencies and Condord Shipping Agency it is now easier for us to set up business in Egypt and continually open new offices,” says Torben Frerks and continues:

“We believe in continued growth on the Egyptian market. With three offices in the maritime hot spot and a well-established business, we can develop the business further in the coming years.”

About Weilbach Egypt Ltd.

  • The company is owned by Weilbach, Leth Agencies and Concord Shipping Agency and is led by CEO Mohammed Tawfik.
  • Weilbach Egypt Ltd. has offices in Port Said, Alexandria, and Suez.
  • The company offers 100 percent on demand printing of nautical charts, books and other material that is mandatory to have on board.
  • Weilbach is dedicated to making global shipping more efficient, safer, and faster by providing quality software solutions and products.
  • Leth Agencies is the leading ship and offshore agency in Egypt.
  • Concord Shipping Agency is an Egyptian shipping company with more than 37 years of experience, specialized in general ship supplying, transport and logistics solutions, manning, technical supply, and ship agency services at all Egyptian ports.


Torben Frerks, CEO, Weilbach A/S, +45 2022 2860,

Jacob Guldager, CEO, Leth Agencies A/S, +45 5155 7359,

Mohammed Tawfik, Managing Director, Weilbach Egypt Ltd., +20 10 950 16551,

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