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Day Shapes

  • Day Shapes are mast head signals indicating the navigation status of a vessel at sea to other vessels.
    The meanings of the shapes are defined by the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.

    The most common signals are as follows:

    Vessel Under Sail & Power:     Cone     (> 12m)
    Anchored:                            Ball        (> 7m (not in channel) > 20m (in anchorage))
    Constrained by Draft:            Cylinder 
    Aground:                             3 Balls (vert. line)     (> 12m)
    Not Under Command:            2 Balls (vert. line)     (> 12m)
    Restricted in Ability:              1 Ball+1 Diamond+1 Ball     (> 12m (except dive boats))
    Fishing (commercial):            2 Cones (vert. line)     (> 20m (but must display (nets or trawling) basket shape)
    Vessel Towing:                    Diamond Tow     (> 200m)
    Vessel Being Towed:            Diamond Tow     (> 200m)


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